About Company

Our company was founded in 1998, and as a small, certified MBE/DBE union shop we have become an admirable resource of value engineering, effective and efficient manpower and consulting on difficult projects. Our diverse experience spans from working in aviation, most recently O’Hare expansion, correctional facilities, education working in over 100 CPS schools in just the last decade. Chicago transit authority projects such as the Blue line expansion. Federal buildings, healthcare, high rise residentials, laboratories, multifamily residential, offices, retail, senior living, and warehouses.

Our strategic relationship with suppliers, guarantees you some of the best rates, high quality material and helps aide our commitment to finishing a project on time. We are dedicated to following build schedules and meeting our deadlines. We are often called in when other contractors fall behind and time is of the essence to complete a job well and on time. We’ve worked for over a 100 companies and our versatility and ability to man jobs keeps us busy year long.

A Union shop dedicated to making your project successful.

We make your vision a reality

Our dedication to completing a job on time is what makes us so valuable

Our Team